(August 17 - Jan 12)


This course introduces the tools and techniques used in video production & post production. This includes set design, lighting techniques, camera blocking, videotaping techniques, post production workflow, use of graphics and audio to enhance video clips, and preparing professional video communication content for a public audience. 


Video Communication Basics

• Describe the video Pre-Production process. 

• Develop Production Itinerary & Create Shot Sheet

• Outline Post-Production workflow.

Final Cut Pro X® Workspace & Video Editing Basics

• Identify main interface panels and tools.

• Demonstrate basic clip editing techniques.

• Apply video transitions.

Graphics/Audio & Video Effects

• Demonstrate title and credit roll creation.

• Explain audio editing basics.

• Demonstrate the use of video effects.

• Finalizing and Exporting Video

• Demonstrate video output for web use

• Describe video formats for export.


Introduction to Image Editing

• Identify various image editing software applications.

• Compare and contrast image file formats. 

• Perform basic editing tasks on an image.

Image Preparation and Presentation

• Examine techniques to prepare images for print.

• Identify best practices for creating Web graphics.

• Create an image portfolio.


High School Football Weekly

Belpre Area Chamber of Commerce Dinner

Mid-Ohio Valley High School Football Awards
Bi-Monthly Belpre City Council Meeting



(January 13 - March 17)



This course introduces development tools and techniques used to publish Web pages on the World Wide Web. Students use basic hypertext markup language, scripting and presentational technologies to create web sites with the aid of a software authoring application. Topics include XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, server hosting, site publication, and site maintenance.

Website Interaction

• Design effective navigation.

• Integrate multimedia files into a web page.

• Apply design elements effectively.

Website Development

• Develop accurate and functional frame.

• Distinguish the development environment from a production environment.

• Organize files effectively.



Develop & Maintain MOV2Go Website


(January 13 - March 17)


The course provides an opportunity for students to examine social networks, social media, and online advertising techniques. After completion of this course, students will be able to identify interactive marketing opportunities, understand the use of social media marketing, and identify appropriate target markets.


Social Media and the Strategic Planning Process

• Create social media marketing objectives.

• Create a research plan to identify and guide social media strategy.

• Explain the importance of incorporating social media into an organization’s structure.


Social Media Consumers

• Identify how consumers are segmented across social media platforms and communities.

• Describe how content and platform influence consumers.

• Explain consumer behavior on social media.


Social Media and Marketing

• Explain how social media is used to meet business objectives.

• Describe the basic social media platforms and the concept of digital communities.

• Describe social media and its relationship to marketing communication.


Social Media Marketing Plan

• Incorporate objectives, research, and strategy into a marketing plan.


Social Media Tactics and Measuring Outcomes

• Explain content generation. Incorporate 4Ms of social media into a marketing strategy.

• Align social media tactics with marketing objectives.


Develop, Maintain, Implement 4Ms on MOV2Go Social Media Pages


(March 18 - May 17)


This course will provide students with the tools to apply concepts used in search engine optimization. After completion of this course, students will be able to conduct keyword search and competitive analysis, create website building strategies, techniques and tools to enhance search results, and optimize mobile content to enhance website visibility. 

Evolving Search Methods

• Develop a Knowledge Graph Preparation Checklist.

• Explain how search engines and search engine optimization works.

• Apply best practices for performing semantic searches.

Transitioning and Changing Websites

• Explain the concepts of trust and authority.

• Analyze digital platforms promoting expertise, brand, or a business vertical.

• Apply an author rank tool toward marketing a website.

The Power of Content, Social Media, and Semantic Search

• Describe content creation strategies.

• Develop a plan for attracting followers to social media.

• Explain how to integrate mobile marketing into a content


The Search of Tomorrow

• Explain how to increase engagement across your digital properties.

• List the ways traffic to a website is monitored.

• Describe actions to take when a website or post receives increased attention.

Portable Sense of Identity, Reputation, and Influence

• Explain how to manage your social media outreach program.

• Describe strategies for sustaining engagement with website content across multiple platforms

• Describe how an organization's digital assets are networked.



Develop & Maintain MOV2Go Website & Social Media Pages
Implement Search Engine Optimization Tools