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From simple graphic design to high-tech video production and live web streaming, MOV2GO offers full service creative media solutions to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations from around the tri-state area.


Our Media Services Department works in association with our Institute of Media Technologies to assure that your project

receives the special attention required to best represent your brand.


From point of conception to final product, our students and award winning staff are here to assist every step of the way.





Choosing a logo is one of the most important decisions a business owner will make. This is how your customers will identify you, and if done correctly, how they will remember you.

You only get one shot at getting it right. Our graphic designers are among the best young minds in the area and quite capable of handling any design needs.

Graphic design services include:

Logos, Business Cards, Banners, Signage, and More



Of all the promotional options available, proper utilization of digital media, including owning your own URL, is not only the most cost-effective method, but is essential to compete in the ever-changing world of

Whether you require the simplicity of a WordPress website or demand a more complex site, our students are trained in the latest technologies and understand the importance of establishing your unique digital footprint.


Web development services include:

Content Creation/Design, Social Media Integration, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, and More



Our aerial videography services will capture artistically professional stabilized footage from a unique perspective in a broad range of HD quality specifications.

Whether it’s tracking fast-moving objects or capturing sweeping, glorious aerial perspectives, our drone teams have the artistry, experience, and passion for delivering the fantastic shots you need.




Whether you're the Do-It-Yourself type with an established clientele or an upstart looking to creatively reach a larger audience, streaming live content across  your own website is a great way to engage the public.


MOV2GO Live Streaming Services offer 10 channels of 4k video with 32 channels of audio and are designed to take your business to the next level.



Welcome to the technical age and a world of endless advertising options.

Whether by print media, internet, radio, or television, we offer advertising consultation focusing on options best suited to fit your demographic.

When you are ready to make an impact, mass-media marketing is the logical solution. In local markets, radio & cable television advertising can have a great impact. It's all about creating  the perfect pitch.



Combine the cost effectiveness of cable television advertising, with  accessibility to local-based Professional Broadcast Video Production and you'll soon discover just how easy and affordable it is to create, air, and own your very own television commercial.

Video production services include:

Commercial Ads, Instructional Videos, Promotional Videos, 360° Videos, and More



Far too often the importance of professionally recorded audio is underrated & overlooked.


From Voice Overs to Commercials,  Jingles & Theme Music to Soundtracks & Sound Effects, nothing enhances your presentation like well produced audio and the perfect musical selection.

Whether you choose a popular selection or need a musical piece created  specifically for a project, our creative students will assist you every step of the way.




From large facilities such as convention centers, and schools, venues, and more. Our virtual experiences service is catered to business owners, project managers, and real estate agents.


Most facilities we see are simply photographed. We get that! But if you are wanting to really grab your client’s attention, we have the service for you. Our custom virtual experiences allow you to show off the best spots of your space, giving future clients exactly what they want to see.

Our virtual experiences services include:

Real Estate Tours, “Dollhouse” Creation, Virtual Staging, Floorplans, and More.